The Coming Age Of Accelerated Learning

The Coming Age of Accelerated Learning

by Ali Kursun

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Many individuals consider their path in life in a haphazard manner, often resulting in deep unhappiness. They attempt various endeavors, failing to realise any satisfactory outcome. In fact, unhappy people become and remain unproductive and inefficient, seldom succeeding in any effort in the long run. With so many dissatisfied, discontent individuals, society at large pays a huge cost, as the family, community, corporations, and nations feel the adverse effects. This book explains why it is important in both the present and future to begin the journey with discovering yourself. It discusses the importance of accelerated learning and its impact on us as individuals as we navigate through the 21st century. It also provides the framework to get ready for the future, while sums up thoughts for the future.


























The Coming Age of Accelerated Learning Ali Kursun